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Hello White/Douglass branch of the family


I've researched the Douglas (Douglass) ancestry. In case you were not aware, Violet H. (Elliott) White is the daughter of Charlotte Mae (Douglas) Elliott and John Leroy Elliott. Charlotte's father was Charles Lincoln Douglas and his ancestral line goes way back.


Around 1890 Joshua Lufkin Douglas did a heap of research about the family and his book has been digitalized by Google. It is a big file (10mb) and you can download it HERE. To save the file, do a right-click. I have added bookmarks to the PDF so you can easily find the relatives. This book has some interesting narratives but you might want to first check out the charts listed below.


Charts and images


The "pedigree charts" follow a horizontal tree structure.



To download the file, right-click and Save As.

NEW Violet (Elliott) White Ancestors - A chart going back thru the Douglasses AND the Elliotts, including the Besancon (Bezanson) French connection.

NEW George Alexander Elliott (Violet's Great Grandfather) story

NEW Bezanson (Besancon) French emigration to Nova Scotia with image.

Possible Ancestors of John Douglas - A chart showing a widely accepted ancestry, but facts going back this far are difficult to verify.

Descendants of John Douglas - A different way of looking at the tree, gives sources

Douglas-Elliott - A document that shows 3 images: birth of Charlotte, birth of John L. Elliott, marriage record of Charlotte & John Leroy Elliott

1900 US Census - Charles L. Douglas age 32, daughter Lottie, age 14

New England Families: Douglas - another source showing who John was. The document follows a different line and so only one page is included here.


Images in jpg

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1881 England Census - Martha A. Brooks (Charlotte's mother)

1900 US Census - John B. Elliott family with son, John L. age 17

1886 Charlotte Douglas birth record

1883 John L. Elliott birth record

1904 Marriage Record John & Charlotte



Hello Smith/McCurdy branch of the family


The Percy Blanchard book "The McCurdys of Nova Scotia" is available from Quintin Publications in both book form and on CD. There's another small book by D.E. McCurdy - A Historical Geneology of the McCurdy Family. I found a scan of the book online in 2010. The images are png - most systems can open those. I've zipped them up and they can be downloaded HERE.